Winter Blues

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Winter can be a time of being cooped up in the house. Try to find activities that you can do to stretch the imagination, since they can’t stretch their legs. Don’t leave any of it up to chance, because the days will roll on with day-to-day “have tos”, and you’ll never do anything new.

You can take these activities as far as you want. Don’t feel that you have to be Martha Stewart. Many can be purchased if you desire, be complex making everything from scratch, or be as simple as getting out the coloring book and crayons. It needs to be age appropriate and safe.

Sit down with an empty calendar and plan activities. Plan some activities for learning, some sensory, some just for fun. Google and Pinterest have so many ideas, it can be hard to choose. Don’t get overwhelmed, just begin mapping some out. This will help break up the day, and the kids will look forward to a new activity and spending time with you. They will even develop their favorites and ask for you to repeat them so keep a file.

And remember…sometimes you can have just as many laughs at a Pinterest fail, as you do making a beautiful picture. Just remember NOT to file that one for next time!