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Hire Dawn to Speak at Your Next Event

Why Hire Dawn Marie to Speak?

Part of Dawn’s experience includes working for a public school. In that time, she saw very few traditional families. She witnessed how parenting, good and bad, effected children, and how love and stability helped children form inner security and, with security, came their ability to learn, to grow mentally, and to become confident. Those same children had a better sense of their surroundings and developed a healthy self esteem. They became better at sports, music and had better test scores. Although some with unstable homes still flourished, it was much more difficult and rare. You wondered how you could help them if you took home a troubled child and gave them a stable family environment.

As a foster parent, Dawn saw kids that were not much different than her own, but children that never had anyone nurture their interests or encourage them to pursue their dreams. Every child should have the chance to set goals and achieve them, dream big and do anything they set their mind to accomplish.

Audio Visual Requirements

• Chair
• Side table

• I would like to be able to project power point. If equipment is available to project a laptop and a screen. This is optional if not available.
• Chair
• Podium or table
• Microphone

Room Set Up

Please notify me of room set up and approximate number of children. Age of children or grade level is helpful.

Book Table

Please provide one table (minimum 6 ft.) for book display.

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