Sedwick the Seagull

“Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it.” In life, attitude is everything; it is what shapes our beliefs and our desires. Harsh times will occur throughout our lives, but it is up to us how we interpret them. Many people blame their circumstances for their shortcomings.



How a child feels about themselves has a direct correlation as to their potential for success. Sedwick the Seagull uses three birds to help illustrate that we all have qualities that are important. Again, with the use of animals, Dawn uses this story to say that there will always be someone who, unfortunately, feels that they are better than the rest of us. It’s up to us to rise above our circumstances and dream of flying higher than we have before. See how a dove, a seagull and an eagle start with many differences, but end up seeing that each other have more things in common that what they knew. We all are not much different from one another.

We are all special. What allows people to succeed? They realize it is not what has happened to them in their lives, but the manner in which they react to these events. The way a person decides to respond to certain occurrences is what will shape his or her feelings, actions and results. It all lies within ourselves.


Sedwick is feeling bad about herself and the things she cannot do. With the help of her friends, Eddie the Eagle and Lonnie the Loon, she soon discovers that she, too, has something good in which she can use to help others.

About the Author

Dawn Thompson is a writer, speaker, and ordained minister. She has a BA in Theology and has worked in the ministry for 30 years. She works at a child welfare agency, which assists helping children throughout the world find loving homes. Dawn has given birth to three children and has been a mentor to many others. She enjoys teaching kids life skills necessary to live a full, abundant life. Dawn has been a foster parent to teens, and served on several boards to better the mmunities in which she has lived. She has piloted and operated teen centers and has developed mentoring and volunteer training programs.


  • Ann Byle, freelance writer, has written a feature on Dawn Thompson and her two books in the West Michigan Christian News for the December issue.
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