Jezebel A Woman That Influenced Others

Dawn ThompsonUncategorized

If you know the story of Jezebel, she was a woman that influenced others. It wasn’t necessarily in a “good way”, but she was definitely influential.

Jezebel was a strong leader and Queen of Persia, and she was depicted in the Old Testament, as a strong woman, who used her influence to come against the men of God. Jezebel got the people around her to worship Baal, instead of backing Elijah, who wanted everyone to worship the one true God. She persecuted the Prophets of the Lord.

She was married to King Ahab, who “did more evil in the eyes of the LORD than any [king of Israel] before him.” Ironically, the pride, selfishness, and greed of Jezebel ultimately led to her demise and death. She used her attraction and affection to gain a place in the government and was able to use her influence to spread the worship of Baal among the people of Israel. However, her pride and spirit to enact vengeance led to her death when the judgment of the Lord came upon her family.

Your influence can be used for good or for evil.