Diversity and Hope

Dawn ThompsonDiversity, Empowerment

We’ve come a long way…

We haven’t come far enough…

Both of these statements convey my feelings, and I’m sure many other people. I wasn’t around when our world became so polarized, hating different races, but I believed it began way before America was born, and since America was birthed out of peoples from various countries, we are bound to inherit beliefs from our ancestors, from our neighbors, and from our faith.

We have come a long way in treating our fellow man like human beings. We have come a long way since women were not able to own land or vote. We have come a long way from slavery, indentured servants, and not hiring Irish because they were considered lower class.

But we still have such a long way to go, since women are still under paid, minority skin colors are still treated differently,  and we still have violence against each others out of hate.

I believe, though, through hope and showing the kindness of Jesus that we will get there. I believe that Ukraine will have peace again.

I believe….