Celebrate Diversity

Everyone is different and unique, they might look different, like different things, or be from different places. We can all learn from one another and celebrate our differences.

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The people in our schools, churches, and neighborhoods may not be like us.
They may have different colored hair, different colored eyes, and a different colored skin tone. They may like a variety of music, sports, or games, and our families may be from different countries, but we can learn from one another, all the while celebrating our differences and showing kindness to one another.


Everyone is different from each other and that what makes them special. Celebrate and learn from each other’s differences and have fun doing it.

About the Author

Dawn Thompson is a writer, speaker, and ordained minister. She has a BA in Theology and has worked in the ministry for 30 years. She works at a child welfare agency, which assists helping children throughout the world find loving homes. Dawn has given birth to three children and has been a mentor to many others. She enjoys teaching kids life skills necessary to live a full, abundant life. Dawn has been a foster parent to teens, and served on several boards to better the mmunities in which she has lived. She has piloted and operated teen centers and has developed mentoring and volunteer training programs.


  • Ann Byle, freelance writer, has written a feature on Dawn Thompson and her two books in the West Michigan Christian News for the December issue.
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