A Woman Who Changed the World…

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Hedy Lamarr: Invented Tech Behind Wi-Fi Hedy Lamarr in April 1942 Eric Carpenter/John Kobal Foundation/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Hedy Lamarr (born Hedwick Kiesler) was called “The Most Beautiful Woman in Film,” but her beauty and acting talent was just the tip of the iceberg with Hedy. Hedy was also an inventor with a sharp mind. Along with avant-garde composer George Anthiel, … Read More

Books for Your Child on Building Self-Esteem

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Some of My Favorite Books on Building Self Esteem. The Invisible Boy is a story that teaches how small acts of kindness can help children feel included and allow them to flourish. I Will Be Fierce! A powerful picture book about courage, confidence, kindness, and finding the extraordinary in everyday moments. Sedwick the Seagull is my award-winning book where a … Read More

Building Self-Esteem in Children

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I like to look at resources for children that build self-esteem. It is important for children to have a positive image of themselves, so they can be successful in life. Too many times, the images that they are see are of perfection, that have been photo shopped or touch upped and are not real life. Children cannot live up to … Read More