Women of Influence

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When you think about a woman that inspired you, who do you think of? When I was young I was inspired by Nurses and Teachers. When I think about the women in my life that actually inspired me, I think of Pastor’s Wives that I wanted to emulate.  To emulate is to strive to equal or excel; to imitate especially. … Read More

Diversity and Hope

Dawn ThompsonDiversity, Empowerment

We’ve come a long way… We haven’t come far enough… Both of these statements convey my feelings, and I’m sure many other people. I wasn’t around when our world became so polarized, hating different races, but I believed it began way before America was born, and since America was birthed out of peoples from various countries, we are bound to … Read More

Winter Blues

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Winter can be a time of being cooped up in the house. Try to find activities that you can do to stretch the imagination, since they can’t stretch their legs. Don’t leave any of it up to chance, because the days will roll on with day-to-day “have tos”, and you’ll never do anything new. You can take these activities as … Read More