Spice Is The Variety of Life

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Here are some children’s books that are friendly and teach children about different skin colors. The Case for Loving discusses an interracial family and how they were treated in Virginia in the 60s. Celebrate Diversity welcomes children with different backgrounds and celebrates the things they may like, wear, and do. Why are People Different Colors? discusses skin difference as well. … Read More

David Hairabedian – Promoting These Books

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David Hairabedian Promoting Some of My Children’s Books David Hairabedian is recognized as a marketplace minister, reaching and teaching people in the workplace in addition to speaking in conferences, seminars, and churches for more than 30 years. He is best known for his unique teaching gift that results in accelerated growth in the lives of those present. Holy Spirit signs and … Read More

Diversity and Hope

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We’ve come a long way… We haven’t come far enough… Both of these statements convey my feelings, and I’m sure many other people. I wasn’t around when our world became so polarized, hating different races, but I believed it began way before America was born, and since America was birthed out of peoples from various countries, we are bound to … Read More