Exercising Your Heart

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Exercising Your Heart! Be good to your heart. It’s hard to parent and be fair to your children when you are upset, overloaded, stressed. Your heart needs taken care of with a little self-love, which will in turn, make you a better parent. What is your heart time? What makes you tick? Is it spending time with your children? Going … Read More

Exercising Your Brain

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We’ve talked about getting up and moving more. We’ve talked about matters of the heart. Now let’s touch on Exercising Your Brain! Too often we get into the day-to-day routine, and let’s face it, we don’t burn up many brain cells when we throw in a load of laundry or feed the dog. Let’s carve out some time to pick … Read More

Building Self-Esteem in Children

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Our job as parents is to equip our children to become good adults, and along the way develop healthy relationships and teach them how to develop healthy relationships. This all begins with helping them build a healthy self-esteem. We take great pains into purchasing the correct vitamins for their physical health and feeding them the right foods. We meal plan … Read More

Why Do Children Need A Healthy Self Esteem

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Children develop how think about themselves at an early age. They soak in how people treat each other and how others treat them. Right or wrong they develop perceptions of themselves by their surrounding inputs. It doesn’t have to be a correct perception, but it is the perception they carry into their adult lives. What self image are our children … Read More

Success vs. Value

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We often mix up the difference between “Success” and “Value”. Success is what we do and accomplish. Success is scoring a touchdown, running a race, winning the spelling bee. Value is who we are. It’s what’s on the inside. Value is how we treat others. Value is being kind, respectful, honoring. Although success is fun and creates great memories with our children, we want them to be … Read More