Goal Setting for Children

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As we set goals for ourselves for the New Year, let’s remember to pass this same skill on to our children. Start them young how to be productive individuals. What goals are important to them? Is it improving their basketball shot? Keeping their room picked up? Or learning piano? (ok, it’s probably NOT the last one) Let’s show them how to set those goals and then to break that goal down into baby steps for them to try and reach. Don’t be surprised if they have a hard time sticking to the schedule. We do! But it’s a good time to encourage them and use the occasion for both of you to stay on track.

Goal Setting

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I’ve always liked the start of a New Year! It’s like starting over, starting fresh, starting anew like you’ve never made a mistake. We have the opportunity to right any of those things that are limiting us and the relationships in our circle or projects we’ve been meaning to get done but haven’t yet. Let me encourage you to not let another year slip by without getting some of those projects completed. Every year I make a list of things I will accomplish going into the New Year. The list is very, very long. I set myself up to fail. Why do I do this? Because even if I only get three-quarters of it completed, I have accomplished tons of goals. I often hear people say, “I don’t make New …

Experts, Opinions and Advice

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Over the years there have been many books published on how to parent successfully. The experts have changed, the message has change, and even the kids have changed! Although I’m sure the “experts” all feel they were right with their tips, techniques and knowledge, they couldn’t all have been right, and some, in my opinion, were down right wrong. From Spock to Dobson, you’ll have a variety to choose. If you’re like me, you find much of parenting is trial and error. If you’re not relying on your relationship with God before you were a parent, you’ll find there are times when you have nothing else, and out of sheer desperation, you’ll find yourself in prayer for wisdom on how to handle the current dilemma of the day! TIP OF …