Florence Nightingale, An Influential Woman

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Influential Women In History Everyone knows the name of Florence Nightingale and the gift she gave to the the industry now known as nursing. She worked the front-lines and was even consulted by royalty all around her, as well as the United States President. He asked for her advice about hospitals during the Civil War days.   Florence was born … Read More

New Poll

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If you were going to read a Christian book for Women, what would you like it to be about? What topics would you like to read more about?  

Jezebel A Woman That Influenced Others

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If you know the story of Jezebel, she was a woman that influenced others. It wasn’t necessarily in a “good way”, but she was definitely influential. Jezebel was a strong leader and Queen of Persia, and she was depicted in the Old Testament, as a strong woman, who used her influence to come against the men of God. Jezebel got the people around … Read More

Spice Is The Variety of Life

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Here are some children’s books that are friendly and teach children about different skin colors. The Case for Loving discusses an interracial family and how they were treated in Virginia in the 60s. Celebrate Diversity welcomes children with different backgrounds and celebrates the things they may like, wear, and do. Why are People Different Colors? discusses skin difference as well. … Read More