The Winter Storm

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Living in Northern Michigan can have its challenges in the middle of the winter. You can usually count on a once-a-year occurrence to lose the electricity due to ice building up on the lines, high winds knocking over trees, or even a car sliding off the road and hitting something electrical, knocking you off the grid for days to a week.
As you can imagine, keeping children warm and fed can create major challenges, let alone keeping them entertained without xbox, movies or lights. Kind of hard to have them do homework or read a book with no lights.
When darkness sets in, we would make it a game night by candlelight. We always had plenty of board games on hands and would sit and play games by the hours, eat snacks, and roast hotdogs over the fireplace. On one occasion, after being without electricity for nearly a week, the lights suddenly popped back on. I can’t tell you the rush that you experience, as you think, oh what to do first… You run around frantically flushing, making sure the heat is working and the like.
Then all of a sudden my little boy reached up and turned the all lights off again. “What are you doing,” we all thought. Then we realized, that he was enjoying being with us all so much, and he wanted to go back to playing games and being together.

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