The New Year

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When the calendar rolls to January, it is a great time to start anew by setting goals to accomplish in the New Year. I divide my life into categories (church, ministry, kids, husband, health, spiritual, etc.). Make the goals major and broad. They can be simple goals like taking a vacation or complex goals that will take several steps: losing 10 pounds, writing a book, getting a raise at work, or having a stronger marriage.
Once your categories are set and your goals are made for the year, figure out the steps are required to meet each goal. Now from this list, make a to do list of those things to accomplish in January, then February, and so on… Start taking steps to accomplish each goal. If your goal is to get a raise at work, what in January can you do to make yourself more valuable to your employer and go the extra mile so that you’re recognized. If your goal is to lose weight, what exercise plan will you follow in January, what healthier eating options can you implement that first month.
I tend to go overboard and set one-third more than I can accomplish each year. I never accomplish all my goals for the year, but when December rolls around and I look at my list, I’ve crossed out hundreds of steps, goals, and plans that I HAVE accomplished. I guarantee you will be more productive than you were last year, and you will be more productive than 95 percent of those around you.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” –Sir Winston Churchill

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