The Holiday Seasons

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The Holidays can be a very trying time for families. We all have that crazy Aunt that insists on a hug–that loud, obnoxious Uncle–or that old person that smells of moth balls. Even adults can have their fill of the relatives or have anxiety knowing they have to see “that one person.” Kids too can sense your being uncomfortable or have uncomfortable feelings of their own.
Remember…these are your kids and they depend on you for comfort. If they are uneasy hugging those they only see once or twice a year—don’t make them. If they don’t want to go play with all the kids, because they are feeling overwhelmed, let them hang out by you a little longer, or go with them until they are used to the group being so large.
We are teaching them social skills, as well giving them security when they are uncomfortable. They will feel more sure of themselves in the future when some of the really hard issues start to arise. While many kids are asking their peers what words mean and what’s okay, yours will be asking you, because you’re helping create an environment of trust.

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