Being Thankful

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Wait stop, close your eyes, and think about the Thanksgiving passed. What do you remember…the smell of the turkey or pies, the overwhelming amount of guests all in one place, sledding down a snowy hill, the roar of a football game on television, or the quietness of contentment after everyone had gone home.
For me I remember getting together with my cousins, everyone in my Dad’s family (he had a ginormous family) gathered together in one house. The kids would all dress up warm and go sledding down the large snow hills out behind their home. We stayed out there for hours seeing who could go the fastest, the longest, or how many we could fit on a toboggan. During this Holiday season, it is important to teach our children the things we want them to remember throughout the years.
Making memories around the holidays is important to remembering happy times. What is it that you want your children to remember when they are adults? You are creating memories for them, whether you mean to or not.
Some of the most important things we can teach our children is to be grateful for the things they DO have: their toys, their house, the family car, but also, a loving and caring family. You can do this by talking about those who don’t have as much. Talk about how the family car takes you to work, so you can purchase the food the family needs. How the house keeps them warm and dry. How some children don’t have toys…

Phil 4: 11 “…for I have learned to be content regardless of my circumstance.”

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